Private Lessons

I am a professional musician and I have a degree in jazz from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (CNSMDP).

In the past, I have acquired several years of experience as a private teacher; whether it be for young people totally discovering music and the trombone, or for adults wanting to start, resume, regularize and improve their practice.

The lessons can be in French or in English.

Become a super-trombonist

Instrument technique

Learn to master your air, improve your sound quality, lose your bad habits, gain power and virtuosity. Become flexible and precise like a cat.

« Doodle Tonguing » Articulation

Doodle-tonguing allows you to play at a speed that is usually reserved for saxes, guitar, piano etc.

Theory and Harmony applied to the instrument

Because theory is all very well, but nothing beats putting it into practice. I will offer you personalized exercises and advice to make the most of what you already know theoretically.

Reading and Sight Reading

Learns to read sheet music, masters keys and rhythms.

Theory, jazz analysis

Learn to analyze the jazz repertoire, confront your theoretical knowledge and discover how to learn a jazz standard by heart quickly.


Discover, improve and perfect your improvisational skills through a structured and practical approach.


Ready to progress like never before?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why take lessons with me?

-more than 15 years of trombone playing

-many years of teaching music and trombone

-in-depth explanation of concepts, you finally understand how everything fits together and why music theory makes sense

-Doodle Tonguing: one of the only people to teach it in France

-Follow-up by message between classes, possibility to ask questions and send work at any time

-Free access to my online pedagogical content

What teaching approach?

In the first class or by phone, we will discuss your goals and establish a personalized action plan.

I will give you a lot of content during the course, it will usually be very dense because if I were in your shoes this is what I would expect. If you bring a notebook, that would be great.

As stated below, I suggest that whatever work you do with me, you send me work during the week. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible and you can correct it if needed.

What is Doodle Tonguing?

Doodle Tonguing is a musical language articulation technique. As each language has its own way of articulating and handling sounds, the doodle will teach you to manipulate your language and to better know your instrument and its possibilities.

With the doodle, you will play quickly, smoothly, cleanly and fluently, which is not necessarily possible with other articulation techniques such as the single tonguing, double or triple tonguing for example.

The « language » of the Doodle contains only 4 syllables and there are some constant « grammar rules » if I can sayl. Indeed some syllables are used only after or before others, it is very codified. That said, I imagine that if you have learned French or English, a 4-syllable language should not be a problem.

Do I have to commit to several courses?

Not necessarily. In fact, you might even want to take just one course. Now, most of the areas I teach require consistency and discipline… Regular follow-ups are a great help. My students who are making the most progress all take regular classes. (2x/week; 1x/week; 2x/month; 1x/month)

Where can I listen to what you do?

I have a YouTube channel where I’ve been posting both artistic and educational content for years. Type in « Balthazar Bodin » and you should find a channel called « BALTHA », it’s mine.

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